Discrimination is a prevalent topic within this book.  Cite some examples that Deo experienced.  Have you experienced any similar actions where you find you can relate?


2 thoughts on “Discrimination

  1. Noemi Ogaz says:

    In the book “Strength In What Remains”, Deo experiences forms of discrimination. For example, near the beginning of the book Deo explains how when he was a little boy he constantly tried to figure out why there were Hutus and why there were Tutsis. He never understood the differences between the two and nobody answered him or helped him understand. So from that point, he had a sense of being discriminated against because the Hutus and the Tutsis would discriminate against each other. Another example of discrimination in “Strength In What Remains” is when he starts to work in New York City. After Deo moved from the dangers in Burundi to New York City, he started working at a grocery store by delivering groceries. Some of his co-workers made fun of him because he was very poor at the time and he knew and understood little English. Some of Deo’s costumers would also look down at him because he spoke very little english and because he was low class. When I was at my old high school, I was discriminated against almost every day. I never understood why some of my classmates would treat me like that. My old high school was around 80% white. There were only a small group of minority kids, now that I think about it; there were only around 4 including me in the whole middle school and high school. Kids would always tell me that I would get nowhere in life because I was Hispanic. Everyone kept bringing me down and I actually started to believe them until I realized that I should be proud of who I am and work hard to prove them all wrong, and so far I have done just that. And I am thankful for the people who ever doubted me because they have pushed me to work harder. By reading this book, It has inspired me to go after what I really want to do with my life because if you want and work hard for something you want, you will eventually get there.

  2. In “Strength In What Remains”, Deo faces lots of racial discrimination stunting his growth to becoming a renown doctor. When he first arrives in New York, he was a delivery boy for Gristedes, a supermarket I am very familiar with. The manager of the store treated him like a monkey because he did not speak English and also by his skin color. All the people laughed at the jokes the manager made about Deo and it was just very cruel. Though I have not experienced racial discrimination to that extent, I have been ridiculed because of my Hispanic last name and skin color. At a tennis place that I wanted to play, my mom said that I wanted to sign up for playing at the place and they did not let me play just because of my skin color. I do not know what Deo felt like about ridiculing to that point but I do have that feeling of being discriminated before and I know what it feels like.

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