What is your overall impression of the book?  Would you recommend it to someone else? Why?


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  1. Christiena Auguste says:

    This book is absolutely awe-inspiring, and contains the distinct ability to make a unique impression on the reader. The impact this story has had on me is surreal. While reading the book, I would sometimes forget that the text was a work of non-fiction. Then I’d stop and think: a man had to actually endure this unimaginable hardship only two decades ago. Although I was previously aware that corruption and genocide had occurred in nations throughout Africa, something about actually hearing a first-hand account, via the narration of Kidder, really blew my mind. I would definitely recommend this read to anyone I know, even though I believe it takes a fairly mature mind to be able to fully grasp the essence of its content. Why would I recommend it? Simply because it is a story worth hearing and a story worth sharing. A book like this puts the world in perspective for us – outside the lenses of American society – and I think that that is a necessary experience for any well-rounded individual.

  2. Hadley Laskowski says:

    This is the world we live in. Many people don’t understand the luxury of growing up in a safe and well organized community. Of course, it’s difficult to appreciate something that most take for granted, especially if we are oblivious to the hardships and suffering that billions of people endure on this planet. Just imagine being born into a war zone, and the ramifications that would follow. For this reason, I highly recommend the novel Strength in What Remains. Kidder highlights the depths of Deo’s struggle: from witnessing extreme violence, to adjusting to life in a foreign country without a penny to his name. This book is an inspiring story of a man who prevailed through the most desolate circumstances. If anything, it should inspire students like us to be the best we can be, and to realize that even when life seems to take a turn for the worst, in perspective, we are still very fortunate.

  3. Elizabeth Hosage says:

    “Strength in What Remains” has left me with an idea of just how lucky I am to be where I am today. It has given me perspective on real struggle and it is possible to accomplish anything regardless of where you come form. It amazes me how Deo could come from such a place of poverty and pain, make it in America, and still find the strength to return to help others. In many survival stories, it’s heard for a hero so to speak to escape, which, in all fairness takes a great amount of strength, yet it blows my mind how Deo would want to return and help. Finding this drive when others would break is really what inspires me about this book. The title of the book left a powerful idea and image inside my head of someone so exhausted, with their hands on their knees from such a struggle yet they can still dig deep and pull out what remains left of them to pull themselves back up. As an athlete, dig deep is a phrase used by almost all coaches in the last 10 or 5 minutes of a game, after all you have left has been spent, and all you have to run off of is heart. I identify with Deo on that level, however his struggle was not 90 minutes of soccer but years of genocide and pain. This corruption and poverty of a country is also what really stuck with me about this book, and how so little seemed to be being done about it. Overall, this book left me both inspired and shocked.

  4. Nate MacKenzie says:

    I greatly enjoyed Strength in What Remains, not only for the interesting and riveting story it told, but also for the lessons it teaches. One of the main messages that I got from reading this book has to do with charity and acts of kindness. While not everyone will have the chance or the means to take someone in under their roof, even small good deeds can have a great impact on others, and this is a very important lesson to learn. Even an act as small as giving someone a hand carrying something or holding the door open can positively influence that person, especially if done with a smile and some kind words. For this reason, as well as others, I would highly recommend Strength in What Remains to anyone looking for a good read. I am very glad this book was chosen for the All School Read, for it has left me wanting to know more about Deo, as well as the situation in Burundi and Rwanda. I’m excited for Deo’s speech here at Berkshire, and if anyone asks me if I know a good book to read I will surely recommend this one.

  5. Jesse Lee says:

    This book has really made me think of how lucky i really am, to live in the society I do today. Strength In What Remains has given me a whole new perspective on life and how some people in the world are not as lucky as me. Weather that is still having family alive, or having a roof over my head every night. I could not imagine being born into a society were people are that ruthless and aggressive towards killing other people. Kidder provides great detail and really describes to us the struggle that Deo had to go through to get to were he was by the end of the book. It shows you that anything is possible if you set your ming to it. I would definitely recommend this book to whoever likes to read. It is a riveting story that pulls you in. There are surprises behind every page and I could not put it down

  6. Tatum says:

    Strength in What Remains left an impression on me that you can do anything if you just believe. It has inspired me to want to do the unthinkable and help people who are in need. Throughout the beginning of the book Deo did not have anything of his own, which made me realize how fortunate I am. Its almost hard to believe how much Deo achieved with so little and a big dream that ended up coming true. Once Deo got on the plane in the first chapter, he did not have to come back and help the people, but he chose to. I do would not understand if someone would not recommend this book to another person as it was a life changing story. I feel so blessed to get to meet the famous Deo and look forward into asking him questions about his life story. It seems unreal that Deo accomplished so much and that when times are tough in my life it will remind me to never give up and to push on just like what Deo did.

  7. Larry Matt says:

    After reading Strength in What Remains, my impressions are just as I expected them to be. When I heard that the all-school read had the topic of Rwanda, I immediately was interested to read it. A few months earlier, I had learned of the mass genocide in Rwanda and was horrified by its effects. Although Deo was not from Rwanda, the genocide was clearly a part of his life as he was forced to escape from radical Hutu killers. I can not imagine what it must be like for one to not only live a part of your life on the run, but come to a country that you have only heard of in stories. I like Strength in What Remains because it tells story of a man that is forced out of his comfort zone in every situation in life. Deo makes the best of what he is given and what he is not. Anyone who is accepted into a college like Columbia who does not speak the language is one impressive individual. My overall grading of this story was an A. It is a book that I would recommend for all people as I believe it can be used as a learning tool and a reminder of the problems our world faces.

  8. Jay says:

    Strength in what remains gives me a huge impression. Compare to Deo, my life is much better than his. I have a nice school to study at; I have enough food; I have almost everything that I need. However, Deo has to fight for his own life. When he first moved to New York, he didn’t even have a place to live. I can’t even imagine being like that. Even thought life was hard, Deo still went through everything that seems impossible to him. Because of his strong desiring of studying, he went to. This is a huge motivation for me. I realized that no matter what problem you have , you have to face it. Giving up is not a word for people who try to be successful. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends. This book can make people cherish the life which they have now, and motivate them to work hard.

  9. Harry Smith says:

    While reading Strength in What Remains, I was constantly thinking about the little things that have helped Deo along the way of his journey. This made me wonder how much a little thing such as a place to sleep or something to eat can help somebody in the long run. I came out of this book with a new mindset to helping one another. I would strongly suggest this book to anyone who asks or needs to read a new novel. The book has forced me to envisage new thoughts on a helping hand that would have never occurred to me. If someone other than me was able to have the same thoughts that I had, or maybe even add on to them, that would be exceptional. Recommending this book would allow others to have new and similar thoughts to helping other on little problems. Overall I found this book as a great read. It kept me interested the whole time and I was constantly intrigued to continue reading.

  10. Margaret Butler says:

    I would most definitely recommend this book to someone else. I believed it was moving and inspirational. Strength in What Remains displays hope, gratitude and an overcoming struggle that shows that anything is possible. The book had much to do with influence and survival. Deo had lived through a horrifying slaughter, a slaughter of the innocence, that he had to survive through on his journey to New York City, yet little did he know he would have to survive through day to day life, living as a “New Yorker” as well. And through it all Deo still found strength to help others. Growing up Deo had much influence from his elders and especially from his grandfather Lonjino. As his elders would say “When too much is too much or too bad is too bad, we laugh, as if it was too good” I believe this expression displayed through Deo as he went through his life and his struggle. Where Deo then influences us as readers, throughout his experiences, to have gratitude. So that even at the most disheartening or terrifying of times we can still function and rejoice at the things we are sincerely grateful for in life.

  11. Jay Boltoin says:

    Deo’s story inspired me to be grateful and never take advantage of a privilege. He came from a third world country with no possessions, just the will to succeed. As I read the book comfortably in my home I thought how gifted I am to have material possessions or even have a home to live in. When we want something we naturally assume that we will get that thing. What you don’t think about is what if our natural necessities weren’t something that we couldn’t get, like water, food, or life support. Deo never took anything for granted and his success and will to work is a great lesson. I am excited to meet such a driven person soon and will have many questions.

  12. Sophia says:

    Strength in What Remains is a true testament to the variety of people in this world. I was blown away with the horrors the people of Deo’s home country endured. Not to mention the terrible things they did. This book really opened my eyes to see the world and what’s going on outside of my comfortable little life. It is easy to forget about the people killing each other over what they believe or the people suffering from this when you are sitting at home with your family living out your routine life. Before reading this book, I had no idea these problems with the world, and the people in it, were so out of control. Sitting up in Middlebury, Vermont, it sometimes can seem as though the small little town is the only thing that exists. I would definitely recommend this book to somebody else because it definitely affected my life in a positive way, and me and I would hope to do the same for someone else.

  13. sam merrill says:

    I enjoyed reading Strength in What Remains not only for the great story it told, but also because of how it made me re-think my own life. I sometimes find myself stressing out over little tasks such as writing a one hundred and fifty word response to a book I read over the summer. After reading this book I realize that these little troubles are nothing compared to the harsh realities of the world. Deo had to fight for everything he has. He thought of going to school and doing work as a blessing, not a burden. I cannot imagine being exposed to some of the things he was. Although I have never lived through the things Deo had to, I can live my life the way has. I can try to take advantage of all of the gifts I have been given. Going to Berkshire is such a great opportunity and I do not plan on wasting my time here. Deo’s story has taught me to fully appreciate all of the great resources I have access to.

  14. Jim Streett says:

    I really enjoyed reading Strength in What Remains, not only was it a great book with a fascinating storyline, but it also makes you rethink things that you might not otherwise of thought of. The book was an eye-opening read for me. It really made me feel lucky for what I have and the world I live in, but more importantly it made me rethink the world other people live in. This book will have an everlasting impression on me and never again will I view the word “perseverance” the same. After knowing what Deo went through and the things he had to endure to come to America I will now have new motivation to keep pressing on. If someone asked me if they should read this book I would not hesitate to say “yes, absolutely”. It was a phenomenal book that I would recommend to anyone. Now I am eager to hear Deo speak at Berkshire on the 21st and learn more about him and his journey to America.

  15. Jake says:

    The second I picked up this book and began reading about Deo’s journey
    I was immediately captivated by the struggles and hardships he had overcome. This book gave me somewhat of a reality-check on life and made me realize that not everybody is as fortunate as we all are here at Berkshire. The world we live in is a totally different universe compared to how some people live. Hundreds of millions of people are living and growing up in perilous environments where food and water are scarce but sickness is everywhere. We all read about war and how awful it is but none of us here have ever experienced it first hand, Deo was born in it. He has l witnessed and luckily escaped war, but for a long time he was living the nightmare, seeing and living horrors that many of us can’t even imagine, and feeling fear at a level that we can’t even fathom. Reading this book has really opened my eye to how lucky and privileged I am to live in the time and place that I do. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Not just because Deo’s story is incredibly inspiring and moving, but because it is a story that will make you stop and take a minute to realize that many of the things that seem normal and customary to you are actually luxuries and privileges that you are so blessed and lucky to have.

  16. Kylie Wilkes says:

    “Strength in What Remains” has educated me. People are not thankful for what they have until it is all gone. From reading this book I have learned to appreciate everything I have because one day it could all disappear. I would recommend this book to people so they can understand to not take everything in life for granted. The population of the U.S. needs to recognize that there are other people in the world who are starving and about to die, those people are taking in every second of there lives. While people of the U.S. take everything for granted. I would give this book to someone who needs to be taught a lesson about being thankful for what you have. This book has left me wanting to know so much about Deo. I have been looking forward to meeting him all summer.

  17. Eliza Griffin says:

    My overall impression of the book Strength In What Remains, written by Jamaica Kincaid, is that you should never take your life for granted. I attend a boarding school where I am able to earn an education, while there are some children my age who are not able to afford or able to earn and education.
    Also, I have realized how lucky I am to be able to wake up every morning without having to think about how I am going to survive through my day. Deo was faced with this challenge multiple times, but he never let this thought get the better of him. Instead he just kept thinking positively by thinking about his family being alive, and about how one day the war would be over.
    I would recommend this novel because it teaches the lesson about how you should never take anything for granted, and if you work hard you will be successful in the future.

    • Eliza Griffin says:

      My overall impression of the book Strength In What Remains, written by Tracy Kiddler , is that you should never take your life for granted. I attend a boarding school where I am able to earn an education, while there are some children my age who are not able to afford or able to earn and education.
      Also, I have realized how lucky I am to be able to wake up every morning without having to think about how I am going to survive through my day. Deo was faced with this challenge multiple times, but he never let this thought get the better of him. Instead he just kept thinking positively by thinking about his family being alive, and about how one day the war would be over.
      I would recommend this novel because it teaches the lesson about how you should never take anything for granted, and if you work hard you will be successful in the future.

  18. Hanna Derrig says:

    Not only does Strength in What Remains give us an idea of how someones life can change drastically, it teaches us a lesson to be grateful for what we have and to appreciate the life style that we live in. Deo’s experience is not like many other people and it was more than inspiring to read what he had to do to make himself go from an unpleasant life in Africa to a very successful life in the United States. I sometimes want to give up about little things that aren’t comparable to Deo’s experience, but after reading this book it made me think about how giving up isn’t a good habit to get into. This book shows that you can control what you do with your life and how you want to pursue it. I would 100% recommend this book to anyone in high school or above, because the story told about this life journey is unforgettable and worth reading.

  19. maarten van 't Wout says:

    I thought it was a very well written book. It was good because it shows that not all people who want to succeed, have a good life. Deo, the main character of the book is very motivated to study and work hard, but his chances of being successful are slim because of his background. I would recommend this book to everybody; if one is privalaged, one should read it because one would be able to see that some people try really hard, but cannot make it and on the other hand for people with a less wealthy life to see that even people like Deo, who started with nothing, can be a doctor in the end.

  20. Kate Klimaszewski says:

    “Strength In What Remains” made me rethink the life I live today. Reading about Deo’s journey and his hardships really made me realize how lucky I am. He had lived through and escaped a war in Africa, only to end up in New York with no money and no place to stay. This made me think about how much I have taken for granted; whether it be a place to sleep or food to eat, I had never really thought that these were luxuries to some people. On the other hand, this book shows just how kind people can be. From the Muslim who helps Deo find a place to sleep, to the nun who tries to get him assistance, and the immigration lawyer who takes on his case for free, these people show how there is still some good left in the world. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an inspiring tale of triumph and perseverance.

  21. Terryl Wilson says:

    “Strength in What Remains”, was an awesome book to read. I enjoyed every page I read. It had me feel lots of emotions because it was a tale of struggle, but had a great sense of triumph, which many people can relate to. This book was an easy read because I enjoyed it so much. I would definitely recommend this book to someone else because this book really shows the reader what some people have to go through in life to try and survive. It shows that nothing comes easy in life at all. You have to work for it and always hope things will be better in time. Deo is always hoping for better and never thinking bad. He went through so much, so he was just trying to get a better life and use his passion to help people no matter what. Deo used his dreams and aspirations to finally achieve a major goal he always wanted and strives for it. This book really shows that hard work pays off in the end.

  22. Lane says:

    Deo’s story in “Strength in What Remains” was and inspiring uphill battle that left an impression on me that you can do anything you set your mind to if you believe that it can happen and really work towards it. Deo’s struggle in America also made me think of how fortunate I am to be at a school like Berkshire with opportunities everywhere. The overall tone of this book was a true story of perseverance and not letting the little things get in your way in reaching your overall goals for yourself and what you want to happen in your life. I would easily recommend this book to anyone. Some parts of the story line are hard to read especially if you make strong connections with characters like I do. But “Strength in What Remains” makes you think about your everyday struggles aren’t as bad as they seem. Being like Deo is hard to leave your old life miserable or not but if you are optimistic like Deo you can see that there is a better life waiting for you, you just have to find it.

  23. Henry Thomas says:

    I found Strength in What Remains to be a very enjoyable read primarily because of the incredible story that is told. Deo’s escape from not one, but two embattled countries captivated me from beginning to end. One of the themes that I believe is ever present in the book is perseverance. The author makes a point to show all of the hardships that Deo had to deal with while on the run, and then shows how these dilemmas were resolved. I believe that this is a method to convey a story not just through physical examples, but by grouping all of these experiences together as a whole. Deo’s story of pain, suffering, recovery and redemption altered my idea of initiative and affirmed the idea that dreams and perseverance will triumph over hardship. I would certainly recommend this book to a friend in need of inspiration. I hope Deo’s story will continue to inspire and amaze in years to come.

  24. Ivan Kulchitsky says:

    “Strength in what remains” is an inspiring, but somewhat monotonous book, complete with the realization of the world in combination with the history of a badly known country. For me, the first half of the book created a nice impression. Full of inspiration to overcome hardships and help others. I consider all the hardships that Deo had to overcome made him heroic. The way he didn’t give up but held onto life, overcoming great struggles. Many others would not be able to last in Burundi’s war. The second half became repetitious, discussing the same events but going into detail; for example, the discussion of all the campsites Deo traveled to. I felt that I had got most motifs and inspiration from the first part of the book. The book also acknowledges the realization of what is happening in the world which many people know nothing about. I realized the actual size of all “small” countries and how large the world must actually be that these events are not well known. Airplanes and even cars make these distances look small, however it is worth to think about how many people we pass on these rides.

  25. Hunter says:

    Strength In What Remains is a heartfelt story of one mans perseverance and human compassion. The most important lesson that I learned from reading this book is how truly fortunate I am to have grown up in the United States. The United States offers a chance for everyone to succeed and mature in a healthy environment. Opposed to Deo’s background of growing up in a war-torn nation like Burundi. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in search of a story with self-betterment, determination, and pure human kindness. Deos wish to do greatness could never have been achieved with out the kind-hearted actions displayed by many Americans who encountered Deo throughout his journey. Through all of the bad in the world, Tracy Kidder brings a gratifying take how goodness still exists and shines in this world.

  26. Strength in What Remains is a book about a man named Deo. Deo escaped from his country in the midst of a bloody civil war. He outran genocides and government oppression to come to the U.S. Throughout this book there are many surprising, dramatic, and shocking scenes that involve Deo’s life.
    When I was reading this book I was in Block Island vacationing with family and friends. We went fishing, we went to the beach, and just relaxed. Reading Deo’s story made me think how lucky I am to live in such a great country. It also makes me realize how fortunate am to have such a great and peaceful life. By comparison Deo’s story was shockingly unfair and brutal. I also think he is very courageous and brave for fleeing his country by himself in his circumstance. I am also stunned that a man that went through such agony can know talk about his horrific experience with other people. The book made me feel grateful for having a great and peaceful life.
    I would highly recommend this book because it made me feel something and showed me how unfair life can be. In addition after reading this I know now how truly lucky I am to live the life I do.

  27. Zachariah Buteux says:

    The book Strength In What Remains overall was very well written and except for Part II was extremely interesting. The reason that I felt that the second part of the book was less interesting was because it revolved more around the author and his point of view and less about Deo’s. The first part really showed that even though you can be tortured by something as tough as surviving two genocides that good things can in fact happen to you. I would definitely recommend it to somebody else because it really showed me how lucky I am and whenever I have a bad day I should realize that somebody is going through something exactly like what Deo had to go through. I also believe that it explains on a different level what is happening in the world or has happened. By different level I mean that the genocide and war got explained much differently than how the government or the news would display it.

  28. connor shalleck says:

    Strength in What Remains was an entertaining book because of the many personal stories told about Deo. The remarkable story of Deo’s escape from Burundi into the busy city of New York captivated my interest early. The incredible details of Deo’s journey, such as the kindness and sympathy of the Hutu woman who helped Deo avoid being captured. This book made me realize how lucky we are to have the privilege of living such fortunate lives. Deo’s experience showed the true struggle of underprivileged people, and how he took advantage of the kindness of people. Throughout the story, the sympathy of people eventually help Deo on his journey to New York.

  29. Max Miller says:

    This book is unbelievable the way that it makes you personally reflect on your self is truly amazing. It took me a day after I finished the book to really digested it, and think about just how lucky I am to live the life that I do. I have friends, family and numerous opportunities in front of me. Most of these things I absolutely take for granted. When I first started to read Deo’s story I was hooked I could not put the book down. This book was very eye opening because I had no true perspective on how tough life could be for someone who came to a new place with nothing but bad memories. It made me extremely sad hearing about all of his dreadful sleeping arrangements and his struggles to communicate and all of his problems. The book did give me hope though because it showed how normal people can be heroes. For example how Nancy and Charlie took him in and helped him go to school. I would recommend this book in a heartbeat not only because it is a good story and has a happy ending, but because it is an honest, true, heartfelt story.

  30. Jeffrey Meeker says:

    Strength in What Remains is a very humbling book about a man named Deo and his escape from Burundi and his assimilation into a foreign and unknown culture. Reading this book makes me re-think my life and how privileged I am to go to boarding school. I have not and will never face the hardships Deo had to face in Burundi and in New York. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book because Deo’s story is so moving and because my life is so different than Deo’s, it made this book so appealing to me. When Deo describes the dirty tenement he stayed in when he had no place to go or sleeping in Central Park it really made me grateful for my Home at Berkshire and my home in Connecticut. I would recommend this book to anyone because reading it makes want to be a more accepting person and makes me realize everyone has their own story and backgrounds. I would also recommend this book because it is very eye opening and I think many Americans live in a bubble, unaware of the horrors like Genocide that occurs in other countries. This story was a breath of fresh air especially over summer vacation especially I can get lost in my own self interests. I enjoyed every page of this book and cannot wait to have the honor of listening to Deo talk at our school.

  31. Allie says:

    Strength In What Remains is an outstanding book about the hardships that Deo faces throughout his journey. This book really captured the struggles and hardships of a young man caught in a brutal civil war. It was a story of courage and resilience, which is hard to find. It made me feel very humble and thankful for the way that I have grown up, and it makes you realize that many people in this world/country take a lot for granted. It’s difficult for our society to appreciate what we have, and to realize that there are people out there suffering and going through a lot of hardships. Strength In What Remains opens up your eyes to how lucky we are. It gives you a new interpretation on how you live your life, and how lucky we are to live in homes with our families. I would definitely recommend this book to someone else. Kidder really emphasizes Deo’s struggle throughout the book. This book was really inspiring to me, and gave me a new outlook on life, which I think would benefit other people in a very positive way. Strength In What Remains should inspire kids our age to appreciate what we have, and to not take it for granted, because in reality we are all very lucky.

  32. Johnny Grogan says:

    Strength in What Remains is undoubtedly one of the most humbling books I’ve ever read. To think that a man would stress his physical limits for a job that pays just a few dollars a day just because he feels grateful to be living makes me reconsider my entire lifestyle. The story of Deo changed my lifestyle for the better. It has taught me valuable lessons like not to take things for granted and to cherish everything and everyone I have to the fullest extent. Deo was happy to sleep in central park because it felt like home, this made me grateful for my home, for it is so much more luxuries then sleeping on the ground. The book also made me thankful for my country. Deo came from a place where he had to live in constant fear, fear of having your family taken, your home destroyed, or being killed. When he arrived in America, he was surprised to see people so happy and carefree, dogs that looked friendly instead of ravenous killing beasts like in Burundi. I never think of dogs as killing machines and I am almost never worried about anything bad happening in my neighborhood. I would recommend this book to all of America. It is an eye opening book that teaches valuable lessons and makes people feel a lot more humble. I enjoyed the book very thoroughly and cannot wait to hear what Deo has to say.

  33. Ryan Savage says:

    Strength in What Remains was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve had the pleasure of reading. It is a book that left me reflecting on the good fortunates I have been so luckily blessed with, especially my education. Deo was taught in very poor facilities and in a very different teaching style that I do not think I’d be able to endure. However, he took advantage of every academic opportunity, which left me realizing how I take Berkshire for granted. In the book, the medical school Deo attended in Burundi is described as “paradise” to him. It was paradise simply because of a well-stocked library and buildings consisting of equipment I see as normal to have in an academic buildings. I am very glad to have read this book for it has given me a new view on my life. I cannot wait to hear Deo speak here at Berkshire.

  34. Jonathan Chudacoff says:

    I found the book, Strength In What Remains, very inspiring. Deo went from being a medical student, to watching people get brutally killed, to escaping his own murder, to living in a slum in New York, to sleeping in Central Park. However, somehow he still manages to succeed. Seeing where Deo came from and everything that he had to overcome really shows how incredibly strong of an individual he is. While reading the book, Deo made me realize how often I take things for granted. I specifically think the way in which the book is told really catches the reader’s attention. It makes the readers reflect on their own lives and be more grateful, especially since many people’s hardships cannot compare to those that Deo endured. I would recommend this book to someone else because of the messages it teaches about strength, optimism, and appreciation. Although there were some parts of the story that were long, especially in the second part of the book, overall the book was extremely well written and interesting and anyone who has the chance should read it.

  35. Victor says:

    ‘Strength In What Remains’ has taught me the importance of courage, resilience, and faith in other people. It also taught me to make use of all the resources around me and cherish what I have access to. It’s realness and detail has left me feeling grateful about my own life. The cruelty that has been happening in other countries devastate me. The people in Burundi live in fear of the possibility of being tortured or killed each day of their lives. The people Deo met along the way were most supportive, and if it weren’t for them, Deo would never have been able to live his dream to build a medical clinic and become a doctor. Deo’s individual audacity allowed him to never give up. Tracy Kidder has done a great job with illustrating the journey of an ordinary man, and I greatly look forward to hearing from the man himself, Deo.

  36. Molly says:

    The “Strength in What Remains” was a heart filled book. The book taught me the importance and struggle in life. From Deo’s journey through the genocide to Deo’s struggle in New York. Deo climbed many obstacles, throughout this book. The book, also focused on the trust of others. Without trust Deo wouldn’t be able to have become a doctor or even make his way into America. Deo showed me how lucky i am to live a well and healthy life. I am able to go to the dentist and have such good education. Deo had a hard time when going to America, because he lacked education. He had to go to a dentist training for his teeth to be done. Deo never came up and that’s what i loved about this book. His journey was real. Deo suffered many problems in the book, but it didn’t throw him off, he kept going. Overall, I enjoyed this book it taught me many life lessons, that can be useful in my future ahead at Berkshire School.

  37. Nick Palumbo says:

    This book has really made me realize how lucky I am to be in the position that I am in today, and live where I do. The place we are born and live effects our lifestyle is such a signifigant way, I cannot imagine what it would be like for me if i was born in the place that Deo was. This just shows how tough Deo was to never give up and always fight for what he believed in. He started out with nothing and his idea was the only thing that made him keep pushing though the hard times. I cant wait to hear him talk about his experiences in person on Thursday!

  38. Alden Boldt says:

    Strength in What Remains had an incredibly strong impression on me. Looking through Deo’s prospective into a world totally unknown to myself was extremely eye opening. It is amazing how little we know about the world we live in, or how much we choose to know that is. Of course tragedies occur all over the world but through this scope, there is no looking the other way. Deo’s story is one of initial struggle, but as the book progresses, he establishes himself and finds success. This is an extremely inspiring story and I would recommend it to any reader ready for this incredible story. It really shows that persistence in life can get you almost anywhere, and how far simply refusing to settle with what you have can get you.

  39. william perekslis says:

    Strength in What Remains captivated me as a reader. Strength in What Remains is a sad but great story about Deo leaving his battle filled homeland to try and start over in New York. The struggle that Deo had to overcome while a child at home and as and adult living I a foreign place shows perseverance through the most difficult times. Deo’s story of perseverance and struggle makes me believe that no matter what struggle a person faces if they try hard enough this struggle can be overcome. I would deffinatly recommend this book to others.

  40. Jake Elowitz says:

    Strength in What Remains is an incredible book that explores so many areas of the human world. The book is so multi-faceted and within it there are so many different types of people, with so many different backgrounds. It is amazing to see Deo’s journey from one of the most desperate, hectic places in the world to (an almost equally hectic) modern city. The book shows one man’s journey through an extremely trying period. It is a testament to humans’ drive to live. This book demonstrates the strength and determination that most people have when forced into the most dire of situations. Although Deo did persevere through most of his trials, his spirit did dim once he reached New York. It is only thanks to the kind-heartedness of a few that allowed Deo to continue and to thrive. The greatest impression this book had on me is the almost unabating kindness and disfavor for all bad acts that Deo maintained throughout his entire journey. I know if I went through what Deo went through I probably would not have had any faith in human kind and would not have any kindness and compassion left after going through what Deo went through. The fact that Deo could maintain kindness to almost all around him is what most impressed me in this story.

  41. Craig Puffer says:

    Strength in What Remains is an outstanding novel that I highly recommend for people to read. I thought it showed a great deal of positive character traits leading up to a single goal. Deo came from a very tough situation in the middle of a civil war. Burundi was extremely dangerous, and the thought of death was at every corner. Deo had the courage to overcome all the obstacles that stood in his way, and proceeded to get to America. I also enjoyed how he lived in central park once he got to America on the streets. The fact that he was able to be homeless and only survive on 200 dollars was astonishing to me. Deo is one of the most influential people I have read about, and I believe his book and story should be talked about across the world. It shows how with dedication and commitment, anything is possible. I would 100 percent recommend this book to everyone I know because there is no doubt it will influence them in some way. Strength in What Remains is easily one of the greatest books I have ever read.

  42. Mitchell Andres says:

    The Impression Strength in What Remains gave me was one similar to the Movie Pursuit of Happiness; the reading described a true American dream. Deo starting with nothing, coming from poverty beyond my understanding and the inability to speak even one word of English, and getting so much from hard work and determination is the goal all immigrants come to America to achieve. Deo is a Hero by example and impacts those who live in desperate times with his story of hope. He also shines the light on those bron fortunate to reflect on what they have and to be thankful. I would recommend this book to all based on the easy read Tracy Kidder has created and the inspiring story of Deo.

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