Who and why?

Do you identify with any of the characters in Strength in What Remains?  Who and why?


2 thoughts on “Who and why?

  1. April Burch says:

    While reading Deo’s story as collected by Tracy Kidder, it is impossible not to think at some point that Deo was spared by a higher power. I most identified with the author when admits to struggling with the idea of divine intervention during Deo’s journey (ch. 11, pg. 240). Although I consider myself an Agnostic, I think about the idea of providence often. I believe that I have led a charmed life. Some would say that God has blessed me, but a humanist would contend that I worked hard for what I have and that I manifested my own destiny. I believe the latter but admit that the answer is beyond us.

    Deo’s journey is incredible. During his escape, there were so many “close calls”, so many times where he met the absolute right person at the absolute right time. Too many times to be a coincidence? Perhaps. Perhaps Deo was spared because of God’s plan. On the other hand, one could argue, Deo’s intrinsic strength kept him engaged in survival. When one is engaged and invested in an outcome, one asks for help and one talk to others. Without Deo’s willingness to seek and accept help, he would have not survived.

  2. Ronnie Lortie says:

    Throughout the story, I could see myself through Deo’s character. Both of our stories ressemble. When Deo came to America, he could only speak french. I could understand his difficulty to speak English because I have been there before. When I came to boarding school, my English was far from where it is today. I would say that Deo was tenacious and tried his hardest to succed. He was willing to accept others’ help in order to success and start a new life. It is in that situtation that I identified myself with Deo. When I first arrived to Berkshire, I had to not only work my hardest to succeed, but also let others help me which has always been hard for me. I always had an issue with letting others help me because I want to achieve my goals by myself, but when I got here I quickly realized that everyone needs a little help to succeed. I admire Deo because of his achievements. He never gave up on anything and this is another reason why I identified myself with him. We are both hard workers and we will not give up until our goals are achieved.

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