Acts of Kindness

What impact did small acts of kindness and the charity of individuals have on Deo’s journey?  When have small acts of kindness impressed you?



What are some of the lessons from the book that you can draw from and relate to your everyday life?


Discrimination is a prevalent topic within this book.  Cite some examples that Deo experienced.  Have you experienced any similar actions where you find you can relate?

Who and why?

Do you identify with any of the characters in Strength in What Remains?  Who and why?


What is your overall impression of the book?  Would you recommend it to someone else? Why?

Poignant Moment

Discuss a moment you find to be poignant.  What has Kidder, by the way of Deo’s story, allowed you to take away from the book because of this moment?

Why was I saved?

Deo asked at one point “Why was I saved?”  What qualities do you think Deo possessed that enabled him to survive his journey?  Do you think if you were in his place you’d have the same outcome?